• Where Love Lives
  • by Matt Russell

There was great wisdom in the prescription by Greek physician Hippocrates when he said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Though he spoke these words thousands of years ago, their relevance remains at the newest restaurant to come from the Flores Concepts family, Charrovida.

I sat down with Ray Flores, the Chief of the Charrosphere himself, at a pre-open dinner last night. And just seconds into his story about this new concept, it was clear to me what he and his team were collectively embracing.

This is a place where love lives.

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Every Charro has a story to tell…

And with charrovida, that story is one that pays homage to our Mediterranean and Sonoran Desert heritage. We are embracing a culture of preparing food that speaks of our commitment to longevity, sustainability and most importantly; the enjoyment born from sharing a delicious meal. The Charro family values bringing together experiences that have a positive influence on the people and communities around us for generations to come.

With recipes that take cues from the heart healthy Mediterranean diet and native Sonoran cuisine, charrovida uses only healthy fats such as olive and seed oils, whole grains, fresh local produce and cook with only sustainable proteins and natural resources.

A portion of all proceeds from the restaurant’s food sales will go to support school gardens throughout the region via the University of Arizona’s Community and School Garden Program. (Details)